How to Start a Real Estate Blog

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Blogs are big right now. They are a way to provide useful information about your business and keep people engaged. As a real estate agent, it’s important to keep clients and leads informed about the real estate industry and what you’re up to. So you’re likely asking yourself as a realtor, how do I start a blog?

That’s easy! First of all, you need good content. Since you are a real estate agent you want to present information related to real estate (obviously). You’ll want to know who your audience is so you can taper the content to their specific needs and interests. Most likely you’ll be reaching out to home buyers and sellers. So what do buyers and sellers want to read?

Here are some topics to get you started on your blog journey.

Provide information about events happening in the community. New home owners typically don’t know much about what to do in their neighborhoods when they move into their new houses. Once a week create a “what’s happening” blog and highlight different events in the community, as well as fun activities for families.

Market update. Let people know what’s going on in the housing market. Present the numbers and also explain them. Not everyone knows and understands how the market works.

Flipping houses. It’s a popular trend to flip houses and make a profit. Create a blog post specifically for people who flip houses. Let them know where to start, the costs involved, when to sell, etc. Providing examples of successful house flipping also helps people who are just starting the endeavor.

Buyer’s checklist blog. It is helpful to give buyers advice on what to expect when buying a house, especially if it’s their first time. Help them understand things such as escrow and the inspection process.

DIY renovations. Write a blog (or several) about what people can do to renovate their homes before selling or after buying. Give tips about landscaping renovations or remodeling kitchens. There are endless ideas for DIY renovations and you could feature a new topic once or twice a month.

Provide helpful tips for selling and buying. Focus on one tip a month that can educate both buyers and sellers. One blog could be tips about a successful open house or the best way to close on a house.

These are a few ideas to get you started on your real estate blog. Once you post several blog posts, share them on your social media sites and website. Get the word out about your amazing knowledge of the real estate industry.